Clone PDF operation

The Clone PDF operation replicates a PDF document. The resulting PDF document can be manipulated independently of the input PDF document. If a given PDF document is passed to multiple services without cloning, the result may be difficult to use effectively.

For example, assume that a PDF document is passed to two services sequentially. When the first service modifies and returns the PDF document as a document value, the next service to use the document value detects modifications that the first service made.

After using the Clone PDF operation, you are assured that the input document value and the result document value are identical but distinct, and that any future modification of either value will not be reflected in the other object.

For information about the General and Route Evaluation property groups, see Common operation properties.

Input properties

Property to specify the PDF document.


A document value that represents the PDF document to clone.

If you provide a literal value, clicking the ellipsis button  opens the Select Asset dialog box. (See About Select Asset.)

Output properties

Property to specify the cloned PDF document.

PDF Clone

A document value that represents the cloned PDF document.


This operation can throw a PDFUtilityException exception.

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