Set PDF Save Mode operation

The Set PDF Save Mode sets the save mode of a PDF document. The save mode represents the mode in which the PDF document is saved. In addition, the save mode specifies whether the request is considered a requirement or only a suggestion. Save mode values are not influenced by the PDF document content.

For information about the General and Route Evaluation property groups, see Common operation properties.

Input properties

Properties to specify the PDF document and the save mode.


A document value that represents the PDF document for which save mode information is to be set.

Save Mode

A PDFUtilitySaveMode object that specifies the save mode of the PDF document. If you provide a literal value, set the following options.

Save Required:
Check this option if saving is required.

Save Style:
The following values are valid PDF save mode values:
  • FULL, which saves with fewer optimizations.

  • INCREMENTAL, which performs the save operation in the least amount of time.

  • FAST WEB VIEW, which is used while viewing the PDF document online.


(Optional) A boolean value that specifies whether to make the setting regardless of any previous requests. If True, the save mode is always set. If False, the save mode is set only if a save mode was previously set on the document.

Output properties

Property to specify the PDF document.


A document value that represents the PDF document for which the save mode information has been set.



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