Define Impersonation user

Impersonation control permission

When a SharePoint user invokes a LiveCycle process or Rights Management action, the SharePoint server sends a request to the LiveCycle server. At this time, the Impersonation user credentials are used to log on to the LiveCycle server. After logon, the LiveCycle server verifies the identity of the SharePoint user invoking the process or action. If the SharePoint user has the required privileges, the process is executed or the policy is applied for the currently logged-in SharePoint user.

To allow SharePoint users to invoke LiveCycle processes and use Rights Management features, configure an Impersonation user. Enter the impersonation user details when configuring Connector for Microsoft SharePoint using Administration Console.

Grant Impersonation permissions

  1. In Administration Console, create a user account to which to assign the Identity Impersonation Control permission.

    This can be a user account synchronized with the user directory.

  2. Create a role with the Identity Impersonation Control permission and assign this role to the created user account.

    These permissions provide the required credentials to the SharePoint Connector component deployed on the LiveCycle server.

  3. Navigate to Services > Applications and Services > Service Management.

  4. From the Category list, select Connector for MSSharePoint.

  5. On the Service Management page, click MSSharePointConfigService.

  6. On the Configure MSSharePointConfigService page, add the user name and password of the created user account.

  7. Click Save.

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