Configure the Connector for Microsoft SharePoint

If you did not configure the Connector for Microsoft SharePoint using Adobe® LiveCycle® Configuration Manager during the installation and configuration process, configure it using Administration Console.
  1. Log in to Administration Console.

  2. Navigate to Services > Connector for Microsoft SharePoint.

  3. Enter the following on the SharePoint Connector Properties page.

    Host Name:
    Enter the host name of the SharePoint server in the format [host]:[port]. The port number must be of the web application on the SharePoint server.

    User Name and Password:
    Specify the user account that would be used to connect to the SharePoint server. To allow SharePoint users to access Rights Management features or invoke LiveCycle processes, specify the Impersonation User details. See Define Impersonation user.

    Domain Name:
    Enter the domain in which the SharePoint server is present.

    SharePoint Version
    Choose the Microsoft SharePoint server version.
    Note: From Adobe LiveCycle ES4 SP1, the Connector for Microsoft SharePoint supports SharePoint 2013. If you using SharePoint 2013, you need to specifically choose this version when configuring the connector for SharePoint.

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