Configure LiveCycle workflows on the SharePoint site

To automatically initiate LiveCycle processes from within SharePoint, configure the LiveCycle workflows on the SharePoint site.
  1. On the home page of your site, click Shared Documents.

  2. Perform one of the following steps:

    • For SharePoint Server 2007, on the Shared Documents page, select Settings > Document Library Settings.

    • For SharePoint Server 2010, switch to the Library tab and select Library Settings.

  3. Under Permissions and Management, click Workflow settings.

  4. Under Workflows, click Add a workflow.

  5. In the Select a workflow template list, select Adobe LiveCycle Workflow.

  6. Enter the required details and click Next. If you create a task or history list, the name of the list is prefixed with the specified workflow name.

  7. On the Invoke Adobe LiveCycle Action page, do the following:

    • Select the LiveCycle action that the SharePoint workflow will invoke. If you select Invoke LiveCycle Process, select the LiveCycle process to be invoked. The list contains only LiveCycle processes that accept a document as an input parameter.

    • For all LiveCycle actions selected, specify the location where the resulting documents must be saved. By default, the resulting documents are saved in the same location as the source. To select a custom location as the destination, select Custom Location and navigate to the required folder in the CurrentSite navigation tree.

  8. Click Submit.

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