Embedding fonts

To demonstrate how to work with an XCI file, an XCI file is used to embed a font into a PDF document that the Output service generates. Embedding a font is relevant only for PDF output. For PCL and PostScript output, the font is automatically embedded if it is not resident on the printer. This setting reduces the PDF file size by having the global embed setting off but providing a way to embed particular fonts into a document.

To embed a font into the resultant document, perform the following tasks:

  1. Place the font into the windows\fonts folder that belongs to the computer that LiveCycle is deployed on.

  2. Copy the XCI file located in the folder that is specified in this section, paste the XCI file in a new location, and rename it custom.xci. For example, use the location C:\XCI\custom.xci.

  3. Edit the custom.xci file by creating an XML element named fontInfo (place it under the pdf element). Within the fontInfo element, add the following XML data:

        <alwaysEmbed>[name of the new font]</alwaysembed>
  4. Modify the XCI URI option within Workbench or by using Output Service API.

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