Rendering rights-enabled forms

The Forms service can render forms that have usage rights applied to them. Usage rights pertain to functionality that is available by default in Acrobat but not in Adobe Reader, such as the ability to add comments to a form or to fill form fields and save the form. Forms that have usage rights applied to them are called rights-enabled forms. A user who opens a rights-enabled form in Adobe Reader can perform operations that are enabled for that form.

To apply usage rights to a form, the Reader Extensions service must be part of your LiveCycle installation. Also, you must have a valid credential that permits you to apply usage rights to PDF documents. That is, you must properly configure the Reader Extensions service before you can render a rights-enabled form. (See Reader Extensions Service.)

Note: To render a form that contains usage rights, use an XDP file as input, not a PDF file. If you use a PDF file as input, the form is still rendered; however, it will not be a rights-enabled form.
Note: You cannot prepopulate a form with XML data when you specify the following usage rights: Enable Commenting, Enable Online Commenting, Enable Embedded Attachments, or Enable Digital Signatures.

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