Reader Extensions Service

The Reader Extensions service enables your organization to easily share interactive PDF documents by extending the functionality of Adobe Reader with additional usage rights. The Reader Extensions service works with Adobe Reader 7.0 or later. The service adds usage rights to a PDF document. This action activates features that are not usually available when a PDF document is opened using Adobe Reader, such as adding comments to a document, filling forms, and saving the document. Third-party users do not require additional software or plug-ins to work with rights-enabled documents.

When PDF documents have the appropriate usage rights added, recipients can do the following activities from within Adobe Reader:

  • Complete PDF documents and forms online or offline, allowing recipients to save copies locally for their records and still keep added information intact

  • Save PDF documents to a local hard drive to retain the original document and any additional comments, data, or attachments

  • Attach files and media clips to PDF documents

  • Sign, certify, and authenticate PDF documents by applying digital signatures using industry-standard public key infrastructure (PKI) technologies

  • Submit completed or annotated PDF documents electronically

  • Use PDF documents and forms as an intuitive development front end to internal databases and web services

  • Share PDF documents with others so that reviewers can add comments by using intuitive markup tools. These tools include electronic sticky notes, stamps, highlights, and text strikethrough. The same functions are available in Acrobat.

  • Support barcoded forms decoding.

    These special user capabilities are automatically activated when a rights-enabled PDF document is opened within Adobe Reader. When the user is finished working with a rights-enabled document, those functions are again disabled in Adobe Reader. They remain disabled until the user receives another rights-enabled PDF document.

    The following topics provide information about the tasks that you can perform and how to achieve the best results:

  • Using the Reader Extensions service

  • Considerations for the Reader Extensions service

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