Creating PDF/A documents

You can use the Output service to create a PDF/A document. Because PDF/A is an archival format for long-term preservation of the document’s content, all fonts are embedded and the file is uncompressed. As a result, a PDF/A document is typically larger than a standard PDF document. Also, a PDF/A document cannot contain audio and video content. Like other Output service tasks, you provide both a form design and data to merge with it to create a PDF/A document.

Although PDF/A is the standard for archiving PDF documents, you can store a PDF document if it meets your business requirements. However, a PDF document can contain content that becomes outdated. For example, a URL that references a website can become outdated in the future. The purpose of the PDF/A standard is to establish a PDF file that has the potential for long-term endurance.

The following illustration shows the Output service merging a form design and XML form data to produce a PDF/A document.

Note: The AIIM website has a PDF/A FAQ section at

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