Paper handling

Designer exposes control over duplex printing in two ways depending on whether the form is used to generate a PDF document and printed from Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Or whether the form is printed directly to a PCL or PostScript device.

When the form is intended to generate a PDF document, settings that relate to how the PDF document is printed can be configured from the Form Properties dialog box within Designer. These settings include the number of copies to print and the duplexing setting. Subsequent printing of a PDF document from Adobe Reader or Acrobat uses these settings.

Duplexing can also be specified by using the pagination property of the Output service operations that are available within Workbench. Duplexing can also be specified by using the Output service Java and web service API. Additional capabilities are available in Designer to design forms that adjust according to simplex and duplex printing scenarios.

Master pages can be assigned to odd-numbered (front side) or even-numbered (back side) printed pages. Different master pages can be designed for the front and back pages. The Output service automatically selects the appropriate master page, depending on whether it is currently printing on the front or back of the page. A common use case is to create master pages that place the page count on the left side or right side of the page. Assign the master pages as odd or even to ensure that the page count is always on the inside or outside of a duplex-printed document.

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