Class PolicyUpdateEntry

  extended by com.adobe.flashaccess.sdk.policyupdate.PolicyEntry
      extended by com.adobe.flashaccess.sdk.policyupdate.PolicyUpdateEntry

public class PolicyUpdateEntry
extends PolicyEntry

This class contains information pertaining to an updated policy, as well as the updated policy that should be used. Information contained within this class is immutable upon construction.

Field Summary
          Undefined update reason.
Constructor Summary
PolicyUpdateEntry(Policy updatedPolicy, int reason, java.lang.String reasonText, java.lang.String reasonURL)
          Creates a PolicyUpdateEntry.
Method Summary
 Policy getUpdatedPolicy()
          Retrieves the updated policy to use.
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Field Detail


public static final int UNDEFINED_UPDATE_REASON
Undefined update reason.

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Constant Field Values
Constructor Detail


public PolicyUpdateEntry(Policy updatedPolicy,
                         int reason,
                         java.lang.String reasonText,
                         java.lang.String reasonURL)
Creates a PolicyUpdateEntry.

updatedPolicy - The new policy to use in lieu of the existing policy.
reason - A reason code identifying why this policy is affected.

Reason codes can be any valid non-negative integer and are defined by the issuer of the policy update list. A value of UNDEFINED_UPDATE_REASON indicates no reason code is supplied. The SDK does not use the reason values, but server implementations may make use of this information.

reasonText - User-friendly text describing the reason code. (optional)
reasonURL - A URL that can be queried for additional information. (optional)
Method Detail


public Policy getUpdatedPolicy()
Retrieves the updated policy to use.

The updated policy to use.

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