Class MetaDataConverter

  extended by com.adobe.flashaccess.sdk.compatibility.MetaDataConverter

public class MetaDataConverter
extends java.lang.Object

This class is used to convert FMRMS 1.x format metadata to Flash Access 2.0 format. When a Flash Access 2.0 client encounters 1.x content, the 1.x encryption metadata will be sent to the server to be converted to 2.0 format. This conversion can be done on-demand, or the metadata can be converted in advance by extracting the metadata from packaged files, doing the conversion, and storing the updated metadata on the server. When a client request arrives, the server can use the license ID to match the request with the converted metadata and send the stored result.

Conversion Workflow:

To convert metadata, perform the following steps:

  1. Get LiveCycleKeyMetaData from either FMRMSv1MetadataHandler or MediaEncrypter.examineEncryptedContent()
  2. Get license ID from LiveCycleKeyMetaData, and find the encryption key and policies. (This info was originally in the LiveCycle database. The LiveCycle policies need to be converted to Flash Access 2.0 Policies.)
  3. Fill in V2KeyParameters (Use MediaEncrypter.createKeyParameters() to get the parameters object.)
  4. Load ServerCredential, the License Server credential issued by Adobe, used to sign encryption metadata. Get SignatureParameters from MediaEncrypter.createSignatureParameters() and fill in the server credential.
  5. Call convertMetadata() to obtain V2ContentMetaData
  6. Call V2ContentMetaData.getBytes() and either pass the bytes to FMRMSv1MetadataHandler or store for future use.

Constructor Summary
MetaDataConverter(SignatureParameters params)
Method Summary
 V2ContentMetaData convertMetadata(LiveCycleKeyMetaData lcKeyMetadata, V2KeyParameters keyParams, java.lang.String b64key, java.util.Date packagingDate)
          Convert the specified FMRMS v1 metadata into Flash Access v2 metadata, using the specified key and packaging info.
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Constructor Detail


public MetaDataConverter(SignatureParameters params)
params - signature info for signing metadata
Method Detail


public V2ContentMetaData convertMetadata(LiveCycleKeyMetaData lcKeyMetadata,
                                         V2KeyParameters keyParams,
                                         java.lang.String b64key,
                                         java.util.Date packagingDate)
Convert the specified FMRMS v1 metadata into Flash Access v2 metadata, using the specified key and packaging info.

lcKeyMetadata - FMRMS v1 metadata
keyParams - Flash Access v2 key parameters
b64key - Base64 encoded media encryption key
packagingDate - Original Packaging date for FMRMS v1 metadata
Flash Access v2 metadata

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