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Note: The Launch Pad is deprecated for AEM forms.

Adobe® LiveCycle® (Deprecated for AEM forms) Launch Pad 11 is an Adobe AIR® client application that provides access from your desktop to the services on your organization’s Adobe® LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite 4 (ES4) server. You access the services using the components available within (Deprecated for AEM forms) Launch Pad.

Installing Launch Pad

You can install (Deprecated for AEM forms) Launch Pad from the LiveCycle server.

  1. Go to the LiveCycle server. Contact your administrator for information about the server.

  2. Type the following URL in your browser and press Enter.

  3. Click the Install Launch Pad icon.

  4. Select Open from the dialog box to start the installation.

Services available

The following components are available if the corresponding services are enabled by your administrator:

  • Convert to PDF

  • Export PDF

  • Create a PDF Package

  • Rights Protect Document

    Your administrator can also set up and enable additional components for you based on other LiveCycle server services. You access these components through (Deprecated for AEM forms) Launch Pad.

    Note: If the corresponding services for a component are not available based on your organization’s license or are not enabled by your administrator, the component does not appear.

User roles required for access

(Deprecated for AEM forms) Launch Pad uses the User Management abilities that are shared by all LiveCycle modules. In addition to setting up the users in User Management, you need to ensure that the same role-based restrictions for accessing various LiveCycle server services are set for (Deprecated for AEM forms) Launch Pad. For example, any user trying to invoke Adobe® LiveCycle® PDF Generator (through (Deprecated for AEM forms) Launch Pad or from anywhere else) should be given the PDFG User role. For a list of default user roles and the tasks to set up a user, see LiveCycle Administration Help.

The following roles and permissions are required for your account, in addition to the roles specific to each service that the user should have access to:
  • Service User

  • Document Upload Application User

Additional Information

The resources in this table can help you learn more about LiveCycle server.

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