9.3 Increasing the WebLogic Server stuck thread time-out

Depending on your deployment, LiveCycle EAR files can get large. To avoid EAR file deployment time-outs, you must increase the WebLogic Server stuck thread maximum time-out value. This value is the length of time that the WebLogic Administration Server will treat a long-running thread as still active. After this threshold is reached, WebLogic Server attempts to remove this thread.

  1. Start the WebLogic Administration Console by typing http://[hostname]:[port]/console in the URL line of a web browser.

  2. Type the user name and password that you created for the WebLogic Server domain and click Log In.

  3. Under Change Center, click Lock & Edit.

  4. Under Domain Structure, click Environment > Servers and, in the right pane, click the managed server name.

  5. On the Configuration tab, click on the Tuning tab.

  6. In the Stuck Thread Max Time box, type 1200 and then click Save.

  7. Under Domain Structure, click your domain name.

  8. On the Configuration tab, click the JTA tab.

  9. In the Timeout Seconds box, enter 300.

  10. Click Save and then click Activate Changes.

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