Spelling (Options dialog box)

Use this dialog box to select options to check spelling while you type, control the type of text Designer checks for spelling errors, add and remove custom dictionaries, and open the Edit Dictionary dialog box to edit your Custom Dictionary.

To display this dialog box, select Tools > Options and select Spelling from the list on the left.

Check Spelling While Typing
Enables spell checking while you type. When this option is selected, a wavy colored line appears under misspelled words anywhere in Designer.

Wavy Underline Color
Opens a color palette where users can select an alternate color for the wavy line that appears under misspelled words. The default color is red.

Spell Check Options
Lists the types of text in a form that Designer can check the spelling of when you use the Check Spelling dialog box. All options are selected by default.

Perform Spell Check On
Lists the areas you can select to spell check.

Installed Dictionaries
Lists the dictionaries that are available for spell checking. Designer uses the selected dictionaries when spell checking a form. The first dictionary listed is always your (current user) custom dictionary (My Custom Dictionary). This dictionary is always selected for use and cannot be removed from the list.

Add a Dictionary
Opens the Custom Dictionary File dialog box from which you can locate and open the custom dictionary files (*.clam) that you want to add to the Dictionaries list.

Remove a Dictionary
Removes the selected dictionary from the list of installed dictionaries. Does not delete the actual dictionary file (*.clam) from your computer’s file system.

Edit the Custom Dictionary
Opens the Edit Dictionary dialog box from which you can view the list of words available in My Custom Dictionary under individual or all languages, change the spelling of any of the listed words, as well as add words to and delete words from individual or all languages. You cannot edit the contents of the other installed dictionaries.

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