About tables

A table is made up of rows and columns of cells that you can fill with form fields or merge with data. This example shows what the various parts of a table are called.

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Header Row


Footer Row




Types of tables

You can create two types of tables in Designer form designs:

  • Tables that have a fixed number of rows and columns. For example, this table is a simple four-column, four-row table with a header and footer row.

  • Tables in which the number of columns are fixed, but the number of rows will change depending on how much information is in the data source.

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    A. This is how the table looks in the Layout Editor B. This is how the table looks in the Preview PDF tab when merged with data from a data source

    Or, interactive tables can grow or shrink when a user clicks a button to add or delete a row.

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    A. Buttons that add a row or delete a row B. When the user clicks the Add Row button twice, Designer adds two rows.

Ways to create tables

Here are some of the common methods for creating tables.

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