Logging in to Workspace

To test your service in a more realistic manner, log in to Workspace using different user profiles:

User Name

User ID/Password


Sarah Rose


Represents the person applying for the loan.

John Jacobs


Represents the loan officer who reviews and approve loans.

Log in to Workspace

  1. In the URL line of a web browser, type http://[server]:[port]/workspace where [server] represents the network name of the LiveCycle server and [port]represents the port number of the LiveCycle server.

    For example, on the computer where you installed LiveCycle by using the Turnkey installer, in the URL line of the web browser, type http://livecycleserver:8080/workspace. The Workspace login screen appears.

  2. In the User ID box, type the user ID to use and, in the Password box, type the password, and then click Login.

You have logged in to Workspace.

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