Working with text

For more information on text, including explanations of data dictionary elements and placeholders, see Scenario: Creating text and images.

  1. Open the Manage Assets user interface. If you have installed the solution template and sample users, you can go to the sample portal at http://<server>:<port>/lc/cm/manageassets.html. Log in using your appropriate credentials (such as user name as tgoldman and password as your password).

  2. Click New > Text or select a text asset and click Edit.

  3. Specify the following information for the text:

    • Name: Type a unique name for the text asset. No two assets (text, image, condition, or list) in any state can exist with the same name.

    • Description: Type a description of the asset.

    • Category: Select a category for the text. The System Administrator defines the categories.

    • Subcategory: Select a subcategory for the text. The System Administrator defines the subcategories.

    • Data Dictionary: Select the data dictionary in which to map. This attribute enables you to add references to data dictionary elements in the text asset.

    • Comment: Enter an optional comment. If you are editing an existing asset, you can use this box to indicate the reason for the edit.

  4. Click OK.

  5. A new Text Editor opens, enter the text. The toolbar changes depending on the type of edits you want to make: fonts, paragraphs, or bullets:

    Font editing toolbar

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    Paragraph editing toolbar
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    Bullet editing toolbar
    • To format the text, use the formatting toolbar.

    • To add a data dictionary element in the text, select a data element from the list, and click Insert. If you select Protected, the data dictionary element is read-only and appears in the letter editor, but not in Create Correspondence user interface or Correspondence Creator.

    • To add a place holder element in the text, in the Data Elements panel click New. A pop-up note appears to enter details for the new Data Element. Click Insert to add the new element to the list. The new place holder can be inserted into the text in the same way as data dictionary element.

  6. Click Done.

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