Navigating editable text modules

The navigation panel of the Create Correspondence user interface allows you to navigate through the editable text modules contained in a letter.

Note: When you navigate through the letter, the navigation move from one editable text module to the next irrespective of the location of the modules. For example, say a letter contains one text module followed by a list that contains text module. The navigation will move to the text module contained in the list even though it is not directly contained in the letter.

Navigate editable text module in a letter

  1. Open a letter in the Create Correspondence user interface.

    The Navigation panel displays at the bottom of the user interface.

  2. Click the Forward button to go to the first editable text module contained in the letter.

    Continue to click Forward to navigate through all the editable text modules till you reach the last module.

  3. Click the Back button to navigate to the previous editable text module.

    By default, the navigation takes you through only modules that are marked as visible in the letter.

  4. Select the Show All checkbox to navigate through editable text modules whether they are marked as visible or not.

  5. If you make changes to the contents of a text module:

    • Choose Save to save the changes and remain in the current module.

    • Choose Save & Next to save the changes in the current module and move to the next module.

    Note: If you make changes to the current module and click the Forward or Back button, you are prompted for unsaved changes.
  6. Choose Cancel to close the letter in the Create Correspondence user interface.

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