Configuring offline security

Rights Management provides the ability to use policy-protected documents offline without an Internet or network connection. This ability requires that the policy allow offline access, as described in Specify the document permissions for users and groups. Before a document having such a policy can be used offline, the recipient must open the document while online and enable offline access, by clicking Yes when prompted. The recipient may also be requested to authenticate his identity. The recipient can then use documents offline for the duration of the offline lease period that is specified in the policy.

When the offline lease period ends, the recipient must synchronize again with Rights Management either by opening a document online or by using an Acrobat or Rights Management Extension menu command to synchronize. (See Acrobat Help or the appropriate Rights Management Extension Help.)

Because documents that allow offline access require caching key material on the computer where the files are stored offline, the file can potentially be compromised if an unauthorized user can obtain the key material. To compensate for this possibility, scheduled and manual key rollover options are provided that you can configure to prevent an unauthorized person from using the key to access the document.

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