Edit a policy set

  1. On the Rights Management, page, click Policies, click the Policy Sets tab, and click the policy set to edit.

  2. Click the appropriate tab and edit as required:

    • Detail: Edit the policy set name and description.

    • Policies: Create, enable, edit, and delete policies within the policy set.

    • Visible Users and Groups: Add and remove visible users and groups who can be included in a policy.

    • Policy Set Coordinators: Add, remove, and change permissions for coordinators.

    • Document Publishers: Add and remove users who can publish documents by using the policies in the set.

  3. To delete a visible user or group, Policy Set Coordinator, or Document Publisher, click the appropriate tab, select the check box for the entry, click Delete, and then click OK.

  4. To add visible users or groups, a Policy Set Coordinator, or Document Publishers, click the appropriate tab, click Add Users or Groups, search for the user or group to add, select the entry, click Add, and then click OK.

  5. On the Policies tab, search for policies to add to the policy set and create new policies:

    • To search for a policy, select Policy ID or Policy Name, type the corresponding value, select the number of items to display, and click Find.

    • For details about creating a new policy, see Creating and editing policies.

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