Monitoring events

When the auditing capability is enabled, Rights Management enables you to monitor certain types of events. The events that you can see depend on your role:

Can view audited events for their policy-protected documents and for any protected documents that they receive and use.

Policy set coordinators:
Can view audited events, including document and policy events, for documents that are protected by policies from their policy sets.

Can view audited events that are related to all policy-protected documents and users. Administrators can also track other types of events, including user, document, policy, and system events.
Note: Events that are performed on a copy of a policy-protected document are also tracked as events on the original protected document.

(See Event auditing options.)

A failed event is recorded if an unauthorized user attempts to view a document or attempts to log in using an incorrect user name or password.

Note: Failed anonymous access events for documents may be logged if a policy is edited to remove anonymous access. When an authorized recipient attempts to access a document that the edited policy protects, anonymous access is still attempted but will fail.

If a policy allows anonymous user access but the administrator later turns off anonymous access for Rights Management, anonymous access will fail for documents protected with the policy and the event will not be logged.

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