Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings area contains the following settings:

Dynamic Watermark:
Select a watermark to be dynamically displayed on the pages of a document (for example, when a recipient prints the document). Dynamic watermarks uniquely identify a document, therefore helping to ensure the confidentiality of the document and preventing copyright infringement. For example, the administrator can configure a dynamic watermark that displays the current date, the user name or identifier of the person who is using the document, or the name of the policy used to protect the document. A watermark can also display custom text or graphic elements if configured. Administrators configure the watermarks options, and administrators and users can apply them to policies.

(See Configure dynamic watermarks.)

If you are editing a policy and the administrator deleted a configured watermark that you previously selected for this policy, a note appears on the Edit Policy page. In this case, if you are saving the edited document, select a new watermark if you want one to appear on the document.

Note: For policies that provide anonymous user access, the user name and identifier of an anonymous user is not displayed as a watermark even if you select this type of watermark.

Use Only Certified Acrobat Plug-ins for PDF:
When selected for a policy, this option specifies that Acrobat 8.0 and later must run in certified mode when opening documents that are secured with the policy. When Acrobat runs in certified mode, it will not load any third-party plug-ins.

Select this option if you are concerned about a document recipient writing a plug-in that can circumvent any of the document protections in Acrobat 8.0 and later. Do not select this option if your document recipients need to use third-party plug-ins in Acrobat to interact with documents.

This option enables only the certified mode in Acrobat 8.0 or later; the administrator must disable access for Acrobat 7.0.

(See Configure the Rights Management server.)

This option does not apply to Adobe Reader.

Access Denied Error Message:
A message that appears to anyone who attempts to open a policy-protected document without permission. This message appears in Acrobat. Clients that cannot display this message display a default message to indicate that access is denied.

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