Create a role

  1. In Administration Console, click Settings > User Management > Role Management, and then click New Role.

  2. In the Role Name box, type a name for the role and, optionally, type a description of the role, and then click Next.

    Note: When using MySQL, you cannot create two roles that have the same name but differ in the use of extended characters. For example, attempting to create a role named abcde when one named âbcdè already exists results in an error.
  3. Click Find Permissions, select the permissions to add to the role.

  4. Click OK and then click Next.

  5. Assign this role to users and groups:

    • Click Find Users/Groups.

    • In the Find box, type your search criteria.

    • Select Name, Email, or User ID, and then select Users, Groups, or Users and Groups.

    • Select the domain, select the number of results to display, and click Find.

    • Select the check boxes for the users and groups to assign this role to and click OK.

  6. To view user and group details, select the entity.

  7. Click OK and then click Finish.

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