Purging process data

Process data that is generated when a long-lived process is invoked can become too large, resulting in lower LiveCycle performance and the use of unnecessary disk space. It is good practice to purge process data when records are no longer necessary. LiveCycle provides several means of purging process data:

  • You can use Administration Console to perform a one-time purge of obsolete records related to long-lived processes, or to schedule regular automatic purges. (See Purge records from the Job Manager database.)

  • You can use the LiveCycle Java API and web service API to programmatically purge process data related to long-lived processes. (See "Purging Process Data" in Programming with LiveCycle.)

  • Use the process purge tool to purge processes based on the process name and other parameters. For details, see the process purge tool readme file, located in [LiveCycle root]\sdk\misc\Foundation\ProcessPurgeTool\ReadMe.txt.

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