Reads content, stored as resources, from the repository. The repository stores resources such as forms and their related assets (schemas, fragments, images, and so on) that are used within services and provides automatic versioning of all resources. The resources in the repository are managed in the Resources view. (See Managing Resources.)

For information about using the Repository service, see Services Reference for Adobe LiveCycle ES3.

Read Resource Content operation

Specifies the content to read from the repository.

For information about the General and Route Evaluation property groups, see Common operation properties.

Input properties

Property for specifying the file path of the content.

Resource Uri

A string value that specifies the path to the form located on the repository.

To provide a literal value, you specify the path to the resource. For example, for a file named document.pdf that is located in a top-level folder named documents, the path to the file is /documents/document.pdf.

You can either type the path, or click Browse to select the resource.

Output properties

Property for specifying the location to store the content read from the repository.


The location to store the retrieved item. The data type is document.


This operation can throw a RepositoryException exception.

Repository Exceptions


Thrown when an error occurs while retrieving the item from the repository.

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