Common operation properties

All service operations have General and Route Evaluation properties that you can configure. The information is provided here instead of in each operation section in the reference.


General properties describe the operation.


The name of the operation is used to identify the operation in several contexts:

  • Identifies the operation on the process diagram. Names that are appropriate for the context that the operation is used in make the information on the process diagram easy to understand.

  • Identifies the operation in Administration Console when administrators are viewing process status information at run time.

  • Identifies the operation on Business Activity Monitoring (BAM Dashboard) when users are analyzing run-time process data.


An explanation of how the operation is being used in the process. This information is useful for other process developers when you are working in a shared development environment.


The name of the logical group in which the service is presented in the Services view. You cannot edit this property value.

Service Name

The name of the service the operation belongs to. You cannot edit this property value.

Service Operation

The name of the operation. You cannot edit this property value.

Route Evaluation

The order in which the routes that follow the operation are evaluated. Configure route evaluation only when multiple routes follow the operation. The route at the top of the list is evaluated first. The process follows the first route that is evaluated as valid.

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