Set Value

Sets the value of a data location in the process data model.

For information about using the Set Value service, see Services Reference for Adobe LiveCycle ES3.

execute operation

Sets the value of one or more data items in the process data model. For example, you can set the value of a process variable, or you can set the value of a form field. Use XPath expressions to specify the data item and the value to set it to.

Variable data is persisted and available through the entire process. You should avoid setting the value of the same variable from different branches in a gateway. If branches in a gateway execute simultaneously and write data to the same variable, one branch may overwrite important data that was saved in the other branch.

Note: If you are using Acrobat forms and are setting the value of a field in an xfaForm, Document Form, or Form variable, the expression can use a fully-qualified path or a relative path to identify the field.
Note: To create a node, you must use a fully-qualified path. The path must include the node name fields as the form schema root node.

For information about the General and Route Evaluation property groups, see Common operation properties.

Mapping properties

For every data item that you want to set the value of, you create a mapping. To create or edit mappings, click the edit button A green plus sign. or double-click a row in the Mappings table. This action opens the XPath Builder dialog box. (See XPath Builder (Data Mapping).)


The data item in the process data model for which a value is set.


The expression that defines the value for the specified data item.

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