Rendering Forms

About the Forms service

The Forms service lets you create interactive data capture client applications that validate, process, transform, and deliver forms typically created in Designer. Form authors can develop a single form design that the Forms service renders in PDF, SWF, or HTML in various browser environments.

When an end-user requests a form, a client application sends the request to the Forms service, which returns the form in an appropriate format. As soon as the Forms service receives a request, it merges data with a form design and then delivers the form in the desired format. The Form service output is an interactive form, typically a PDF document. An interactive form enables users to fill in fields located on the form.

Depending upon the type of client application, you can write the form to a client web browser or save the form as a PDF file. A web-based application can write the form to web browser. A desktop application can save the form as a PDF file. To demonstrate how to write out to a web browser and to a PDF file, the quick starts located in the Rendering Forms section are organized in the following manner:

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