1 About This Document

Adobe® LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite 3 (ES3) is an enterprise server platform that helps you automate and streamline business processes. LiveCycle comprises the following components:

  • J2EE-based Adobe® LiveCycle® Foundation 10 provides server capabilities and runtime environment

  • Tools to design, develop, and test LiveCycle applications

  • Modules and Services are deployed on LiveCycle server and provide functional services

For more information about the LiveCycle architecture and capabilities, see LiveCycle Overview.

This document is part of a larger documentation set available at LiveCycle Documentation page. It is advised that you start with the preparing guide and then move on to installation and configuration guide depending on whether you are performing a fresh installation (single server or cluster setup) or upgrading your existing LiveCycle deployment. For Turnkey deployment, which is only for evaluation purposes, see Installing and Deploying LiveCycle using JBoss Turnkey.

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