Fixing overrides and broken fragment references

You create overrides on a fragment reference when you edit its properties in the referencing form design. These changes affect only the fragment reference in the current form and do not affect the fragment source file or any other references.

You can create fragment reference overrides on properties in the Object, Layout, Border, and Accessibility palettes of the fragment subform. In the Script Editor, you can create overrides for scripts that are defined in the fragment reference subform. The properties you can edit include the tab order, binding, scripts, X and Y positions, and subform properties such as presence and locale.

You cannot create overrides on the properties of any objects in the fragment reference, including nested objects such as subform sets or tables. For example, if a fragment reference includes a table, you cannot edit the row shading because row shading is a property of the cells in a table.

To remove fragment reference overrides

You can remove the overrides from fragment reference properties by using the Clear Fragment Property Overrides option in the Object, Border, Layout, and Accessibility palette menus. This option removes all overrides, on all the palettes, from the selected fragment reference, except overrides on the X and Y properties when the fragment is in a subform that positions content.

When overrides exist, an information marker appears on the fragment reference and an entry appears in the Warnings tab in the Report palette.

  1. Select the fragment reference that has overrides.

  2. In the palette menu of the Object, Border, Layout, or Accessibility palette, select Clear Fragment Property Overrides.

To resolve broken fragment references

A fragment reference can be broken when Designer cannot find either the fragment or the fragment source file because it was renamed, deleted, or moved.

When you open a form that has a broken fragment reference, the fragment reference is replaced with this broken fragment icon.

The broken fragment icon also appears on broken fragment references in the Hierarchy palette.

  1. In the Object palette, click Open Fragment Source File.

  2. Select the file that contains the fragment and click Open.

  3. In the Fragment Name box, select the name of the fragment.

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