Multichannel publishing

Learn how Adobe FrameMaker allows you to generate outputs for multitude of devices (e.g., desktop, tablet, and mobile) using the multi-channel publishing feature.

Today, users consume content on an increasing number and variety of devices—desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, eBook readers, embedded screens in cars or machines, or even smartwatches. Content authors need to write and publish content that is readable across these devices.

To enable its users to write once and publish to multiple formats, Adobe FrameMaker provides a stand-alone multi-channel, multi-device publishing solution. This solution allows you to publish to the following output formats—providing your readers with access to your content across different devices and different form factors.

Available output formats

FrameMaker offers the following output formats:

When you publish your FrameMaker content to one or more of the output formats, the styles and settings of the published output is defined by the FrameMaker template and content that you use. For example, the style of the Heading1 format in your FrameMaker template might be mapped to an <H1> element in HTML5 and an associated CSS definition. In Adobe FrameMaker any kind of output can be highly customized.

Customize Output Styles and Settings

The Adobe FrameMaker publishing solution allows you to easily customize the output styles and settings on-the-fly from the same publishing interface.

Multi-channel publishing workflow in Adobe FrameMaker