Data module types

S1000D is a standard for data interchange and ensures that all data follows a common set of rules and reduces the lifecycle costs for a project. S1000D issue 4.0 defines a fixed set of data module types, which are:

Data Module Type


Applicability cross-reference table

This module is the hub of the applicability handling in an S1000D system. For more information, see Applicability.

Business Rules Exchange (BREX)

The BREX data module propagates the allowed customizations throughout a project. BREX is a configuration file not intended to be viewed by the end user. See BREX mapping for more detail.


This module allows the creation of maintenance checklist data modules. New at issue 4.0.

Condition cross-reference table

This module defines common applicability conditions in an S1000D system.


This module provides structure for operational checklist procedures and related descriptive information. Typical use: aircrew flight reference cards and flight manuals.


This module is a wrapper for two or more data modules that provide alternative ways to achieve the same result. This module could be for alternative equipment fit. The Container module allows one refDm to point to a single fixed target, while that target sometimes includes additional variations during the lifetime of the product.


Description is a general-purpose data module for descriptive text. The Description DM is useful for legacy data due to its flexible structure.


This module provides a dedicated structure for Fault Isolation procedures that can be represented as graphical fault isolation charts by some display systems.

Illustrated Parts Data

This module is a basic building block for an Illustrated Parts Catalogue where each data module includes a labeled parts illustration with a corresponding parts list. These data modules are often generated by an ASD 2000M–compliant initial provisioning database system.


The learning data module is used for technical training information development. It uses common structures with other data module types to allow the reuse of maintenance information in a training environment.


Procedural module includes step-based procedural data. Includes Preliminary requirements, Maintenance function, and Close-up procedures.


The Process data module is used by integrated systems to dynamically deliver maintenance information dependent on the status of the equipment. Most of the content of a Process data module is a type of scripting language for data module delivery.

Product cross-reference table

This module defines the product and condition attributes for individual instances of the ‘product’ in an S1000D system.

Technical Repository

This module represents a common source of data relating to supplies. Using this module, you can manage supply data in a single location. Otherwise, you will have to update each instance of a given supply if it that instance changes.


This module is used for maintenance planning information.

Wiring Data

This module is used to store wiring data information including wire, harness, equipment, and standard parts data. This data could then be used to generate wiring and schematic diagrams.

Wiring Data Description

Each relevant element in a wiring data module requires a project–specific wiring element field description. This data module type, therefore, provides an interface between a company’s wiring data production system and the wiring data module.