A bookmap is a specialized DITA map that allows you to organize and print your DITA topics as a book. A bookmap defines elements such as chapter and appendix. A DITA map does not impose structural rules with regards to the sequence of the topic references. However, to maintain a book structure, the bookmap defines rules such as disallowing a chapter element after the appendix element.

See the specifications on Bookmaps.

The FrameMaker user interface elements for a bookmap are identical to the elements for a DITA map. For example, by default, the bookmap opens in the Resource Manager.

1)Choose DITA > New DITA File > New <bookmap>.

2)The chapter, part, appendix, and appendices elements are referenced elements.

To add these elements, follow the procedure used to Insert topicref elements in a DITA map.

3)You can include relationship tables in a bookmap.

For details on relationship tables, see Relationship tables.

September 30, 2016

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