Insert topicref elements in a DITA map

You can add topics to a DITA map by using the topicref elements in the Elements catalog. You can also add topics using Insert Child in the Resource Manager.

FrameMaker supports the following topicref elements that you can insert in a DITA map:


Identifies topics such as dita, topic, concept, task, reference, glossary entry, and glossary group. A topicref element can also contain other topicref elements to create a hierarchal structure.

See the specifications on topicref elements.


A convenience element that is equivalent to a <topicref> element with the format attribute set to "ditamap".

See the specifications on mapref elements.


A set of topicref elements that can be reused in DITA maps and other topicset elements.

See the specifications on topicset elements.


A convenience element that is used to define keys without any of the other effects that occur when using a topicref element: no content is included in output, no title is included in the table of contents, and no linking or other relationships are defined.

See the specifications on keydef elements.


References a topicset element.

See the specifications on topicsetref elements.

To insert a topicref element in a DITA map:

1)Place the insertion point at the root level of the map element, in the Structure View.

2)Choose DITA > Insert Topicref.

3)If you select topicref, mapref, topicset, or keydef, the Insert Element dialog displays:

Insert Element dialog


4)To use the inserted topicref as a key reference, enter a key name.

For details, see Using keyspaces to manage DITA key references.

5)In the HRef box, enter the location of the topic to reference.

Or click Browse to navigate and select the topic.

The topic is added as a direct reference.

Alternatively, if you have defined a keyspace for the current topic, you can select a key refer­ence in the KeyRef drop-down list.

The topic is added as an indirect reference.

For details on key references and indirect referencing, see Using keyspaces to manage DITA key references.

September 30, 2016

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