PDF review

PDF review is a suitable collaboration option in environments in which reviewers are not required to make changes directly in the source document. Instead, they can use Acrobat Professional or Adobe Reader to review the PDF file created from the source document.

You can create PDFs and set up PDF review from within FrameMaker. FrameMaker supports importing comments from a reviewed PDF into the source document, which helps you speed up the process of addressing feedback.

You can send a PDF file for shared review to allow reviewers to build on one another’s comments. Acrobat Professional lets you easily add reviewers, monitor the status of shared reviews, and send updates or reminders.

note:    After creating a PDF and initiating a review, avoid updating the FrameMaker document until you have imported the comments.

When you plan to send a document for PDF review, keep the following considerations in mind before creating the PDF:

Difference between a simple PDF and a review PDF

Any FrameMaker document that you save as a PDF using the File > Save As PDF option can be opened in Adobe Acrobat Professional and reviewed. However, when you import comments from such PDFs, FrameMaker does not have information about the structure of the source documents to place the comments and changes reliably.

On the other hand, if you save a FrameMaker document using the File > Save As Review PDF option, FrameMaker creates a review PDF. A review PDF is a tagged PDF, which means that the logical structure of the document and specific metadata is maintained in the PDF. This information helps FrameMaker to import comments reliably into the document.

Reviewing in Acrobat Professional and Adobe Reader

Acrobat Professional provides a range of commenting and markup tools to review PDFs. In Adobe Reader, which all reviewers are likely to have on their computers, only the Sticky Note and Highlight Text tools are available by default. To make all commenting and markup tools available for reviewing a PDF in Adobe Reader, you need to enable commenting in Adobe Reader for the PDF.

September 30, 2016

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