Create custom master pages

Documents may need body pages with layouts that differ from those of the left and right master pages. For example, you can create a different look for the first page of a document, or you can include a landscape page in a portrait document. For such cases, you create custom master pages. (A document can contain up to 100 master pages.)

After you create the custom master page, change its column layout, and add background text and graphics. You then assign the custom master page to one or more body pages.

Create a custom master page that is empty or based on another master page’s layout

1)Display the master page that you want to use as a basis for the new master page.

2)Choose Special > Add Master Page and enter a name for the new master page in the Name text box.

3)Do one of the following:

To create a master page with a layout that matches the layout of an existing master page, choose the master page from the Copy From Master Page pop-up menu.

To create an empty master page, click Empty.

4)Click Add.

Create a custom master page based on a body page’s layout

1)Make the column layout changes you want on a body page.

2)With the body page displayed, choose Format > Page Layout > New Master Page.

3)Enter a name for the master page and click Create.

September 30, 2016

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