Apply the glossary marker to the occurrences of the term

The glossary term is defined. Next, you need to apply this definition to occurrences of the term in the document.

1)Select the term to which you want to apply the glossary definition. In the published output, if a user selects this term, the user is presented with the definition.

For example, if the document contains the term PDF, you need to select the text PDF.

2)In the Marker dialog box (Special > Marker), select the marker type as Glossary Term.

3)Specify the marker text as the term.

By default, FrameMaker displays the marker text as the text selected in the previous step.

note:    It is not necessary to specify the marker text as the term. However, you need to ensure that the marker text that you specify is the same as the first word in marker text defined when you Create the glossary term definition (Step 3).

After you create you glossary term definition and apply the definition to the occurrences of the term in the document, you can then publish the document. When you publish the document, you can specify how to display the glossary definition when a user selects a term in a document. For details, see the General Settings options in the Style mapping table.

September 30, 2016

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