Adobe Connect Desktop

Adobe Connect Desktop is an AIR application that lets you manage meetings and recordings locally, with or without a web connection. If you work with large numbers of meeting rooms, attendees, and recordings, Adobe Connect Desktop helps you manage them more efficiently.

To download Adobe Connect Desktop, visit .

Start Adobe Connect Desktop

  1. From the Start menu (Windows) or Applications folder (Mac OS), start Adobe Connect Desktop.

  2. Enter your server, user name, and password.

  3. Select any of the following:

    Secure login
    Encrypts data transmitted to and from secure servers (URLs beginning with https ). Deselect this option when using standard servers (URLs beginning with http ).

    Save password
    Automatically enters you password when you next start Connect Desktop.

    Log in automatically
    Skips the login screen when you next start Connect Desktop.
    To later deselect automatic log-in, click your user name in the upper-right corner of Adobe Connect Desktop.

Manage meeting rooms

  1. In Adobe Connect Desktop, click Meetings.

  2. In the Meeting Rooms area, do any of the following:

    • Select an existing room to enter, delete, or edit. Click Advanced Settings to access the full range of settings in Adobe Connect Central.

    • Select Favorites to create a list of commonly used meetings for easy access. Click Add New Favorite, and search for the meeting by name, description, or URL. Select the meeting from the list of results, and click Add To Favorites.

      Favorites can include meetings others own. If an owner deletes a meeting, however, the related favorite will no longer work. To delete an outdated favorite, right-click it, and choose Remove From Favorites.
    • Choose Create New Meeting or Refresh Meeting List from the pop-up menu .

      Refreshing the list retrieves the latest meeting information from the server. (Adobe Connect Desktop automatically refreshes the list each time you start it.)

For more details about editing or creating meetings, see Edit meeting information .

To quickly enter default and favorite meeting rooms, right-click the Adobe Connect Desktop icon in the system tray (Windows) or dock (Mac OS).

Create contact groups

  1. In Adobe Connect Desktop, click Meetings.

  2. In the Contacts area, click the pop-up menu , and choose Add New Group.

    To remove a previously added group, right-click it in the Contacts list, and choose Delete.
  3. Double-click the Working List title to give the group a custom name.

  4. In the right pane, search for and add users to the group.

  5. To add a group to a meeting, drag the group either to the Meeting Rooms list or to the Participants list for a selected meeting.

    Right-click in the Participants list to remove participants or change their role.
To add a group to a meeting, drag to Meeting Rooms list or Participants list

Add users to meetings or groups

  1. In Adobe Connect Desktop, click Meetings.

  2. In the Contacts area, do either of the following:

    • Click Search to find any registered user.

    • Click Recent to list users you’ve recently added to meetings or contact groups.

  3. Right-click a user, choose Add To Meeting or Add To Group, and then select the specific meeting or group. (To select multiple users, Shift-click.)

    Information about selected users appears in the Contact Details area. To retrieve the latest information from the server, click the Contacts pop-up menu , and choose Refresh Contact Data. (Adobe Connect Desktop automatically refreshes contact data each time you start it.)

Find recordings in Adobe Connect Desktop

  1. In Adobe Connect Desktop, click Recordings.

  2. Do any of the following:

    • Click My Meetings, My Content, Virtual Classrooms, or Seminars to browse recordings stored in Adobe Connect Central,

    • Click Search Recordings to find recordings stored in Connect Central. Titles And Descriptions searches content, meetings, training, seminars, and folders. Search Within Content searches recordings, courses, and presentations.

    • Click Local to navigate to recordings on your system.

  3. Select a found recording, and either click Play to hear it, or Fetch to download the FLV file to your system.

    If you click Fetch, a Downloads pane temporarily appears, showing the status of all active downloads. To stop a download, right-click it, and choose Cancel.

    Note: The Fetch option requires Adobe Connect 8 servers and is available only if the Connect administrator and meeting owner have allowed recording downloads. For more information, see Customize compliance and control settings and Edit recording information .

    In the left pane, click Local to access downloaded recordings. Then click Play Local to hear the downloaded version, or Play to hear the online one. (The two versions may differ if the meeting owner edits a recording.) If you want to remove the local copy from your system, click Delete.

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