Edit meeting information

If you are an administrator or a user with Manage permissions for this meeting folder, you can modify the meeting properties on the Meeting Information page.

To edit meeting information while in the meeting room, choose Meeting > Manage Meeting Information.
  1. Click the Meetings tab at the top of the Adobe Connect Central home page.
  2. If necessary, navigate to the folder that contains the meeting.
  3. Click the meeting name in the list.
  4. In the Meeting Information page, click the Edit Information link on the navigation bar.
  5. Edit any of the meeting information, such as start time or duration.
  6. Click Save.

Options in the Edit Information page

A required field that appears in the meeting list, the meeting login page, and in reports.

A meeting description that appears on the Meeting Information page, and is included in meeting invitations by default. Summary length is limited to 1000 characters.

Start time
The month, day, year, and time that the meeting starts.
Note: Some Adobe Connect pricing models ignore meeting start dates and allow attendees to enter meetings before the designated start date. Depending on the meeting pricing model your organization uses, if you change the meeting start date to a future date, participants and presenters might still be able to enter the meeting room any time after you create the meeting. When you are logged in to a meeting room, you can stop participants from entering the room between meetings.

The meeting length, in hours and minutes.

The primary language used in the meeting room.
Note: If you create a meeting in one language and later change the language on the Edit Information page, the names of the pods in the meeting room remain in the original language. It is best to set the language when creating a meeting and keep the language the same.

There are three options:
Only registered users may enter the room (guest access is blocked)
This option allows registered users and participants to enter the room with their user name and password. Guest access is denied.

Only registered users and accepted guests may enter the room
With this option, the meeting room is accessible only to those who have been invited as registered users, and to guests who are accepted into the meeting room by the host.

Registered users must enter their user name and password to enter the meeting room. Accepted guests are accepted into the room by the host. Adobe Connect can generate an individual attendance report for each registered user in the meeting. Accepted guests are added to the total number of meeting attendees on meeting reports, but no individual attendance report is available.

Note: For some Adobe Connect accounts, a host must be present in a meeting in order for attendees to enter.

Users must enter room passcode
Specify an alphanumeric code if you want to increase meeting security.

Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room
Anyone who receives the meeting URL. Click Send E‑mail Invitations to create an e‑mail invitation in your own e‑mail application. The new message contains a prepopulated subject (Connect Invitation) and a prepopulated message (containing the meeting date, time, duration, location, and summary) that you can edit.

Cost Center
Determines how meeting room minute costs should be allocated. Use the menu to select an option and bill costs to individual users, your cost center, or a specified cost center.

Audio Conference Settings
You can choose not to include audio in the meeting, or choose from these audio conferencing options:
Include this audio conference with this meeting
Audio profiles with preconfigured audio conference settings. Select a profile to associate it with the meeting. Adobe Connect uses the profile to connect to the meeting room and start the audio conference for you.

Include other audio conference with this meeting
Telephone numbers and other settings for calling into an audio conference when the audio provider has not been configured with a dialing sequence. The settings are for display only, for example, in the meeting invitation and meeting room. You must have an account with the provider.

Note: If you did not add audio conference settings when you initially created the meeting, you can add them during the meeting. Ask all users to log out of the meeting while you add conference settings, and then log back into the meeting.

Update information for any items linked to this item
Select this check box to update any items linked to the meeting with the revised meeting information.

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