Questions and answers in meetings

You can use a Q & A pod to answer questions posed by attendees. When a presenter answers a question, the question and answer appear as pairs in the Q & A pod.

Hosts can give participants enhanced rights, letting them answer questions as well. See Assign enhanced participant rights .
Here are some examples in which the Q & A pod is helpful:
  • During a large meeting, questions are added to a queue on the Q & A pod while the speaker presents. After completing the presentation, the speaker reviews the messages, applies a filter, and begins answering the questions.

  • A meeting moderator answers logistical questions but forwards technical inquiries to an engineer, who is presenting.

  • A meeting moderator returns certain replies to the sender only. Replies that are relevant to all attendees are sent to everyone in the meeting.

Presenter View of Q&A Pod
Filter the list of questions

Forward to another presenter

Reply to the sender only

Reply to everyone

Participant View of the Q&A pod

View the Q & A pod as participants do

By default, hosts and presenters see the Q & A pod with additional controls, but you can quickly see questions with answers as participants do.

In the upper-right corner of the Q & A pod, click either of the following:
Presenter View displays additional filtering and assignment controls visible only to hosts and presenters.

Participant View displays the simple list of questions and answers that participants see.

Move the Q&A pod presenter view to Presenter Only Area

  1. In the upper-right corner of the Q & A pod, click the menu icon .
  2. Choose Move Presenter View to POA.
Note: To return the Q & A pod to the Share area, in the Presenters Only Area click and choose Hide.

Submit a question in the Q & A pod

  1. In the Participant View of the Q & A pod, type your question in the text box at bottom.
  2. To the right of the text box, click the Send Question button , or press Return.

Answer questions using the Q & A pod

  1. Select an incoming question from the list.
  2. Type your answer in the text box at the bottom of the pod.
  3. Click one of the following buttons in the lower-right corner of the Q & A pod:
    Answer question to everyone
    Sends the answer to all meeting attendees.

    Answer question to submitter only
    Sends the answer only to the attendee who sent the question.

Answered questions appear in italics with a checkmark

Assign a question to a specific presenter

You can assign questions to presenters with specific expertise, including yourself, preventing others from answering.

  1. In the Presenter View of the Q & A pod, select the question from the Incoming Messages list.
  2. Select a presenter name from the Assign To pop‑up menu.
    Presenters can reassign questions to other presenters or choose None to cancel assignment.
Indicators for assigned questions
Question mark in pod title bar indicates questions are assigned to you

Question marks in list indicate specific questions for you

Lock indicates questions assigned to other presenters

Show questions with different statuses

If you are a host or presenter, you can add a filter to the queue of questions in a Q & A pod so that you can see certain questions while hiding others. You can also forward a question to another presenter to answer.

  1. In the Presenter View of the Q & A pod, click the pop‑up menu in the upper-left corner.
  2. Select one of the following:
    Show All Questions
    Displays all questions that you have received, starting either with a new pod or from the last time the pod was cleared.

    Show Open Questions
    Displays all unanswered questions not assigned to anyone.

    Show Answered Questions
    Displays all questions that have been answered.

    Show My Questions
    Displays only unanswered questions that have been assigned to you.

Delete individual questions

You can delete questions to clean up the Presenter View. (Deleted questions and associated answers remain in the Participant View.)

  1. In the Presenter View of the Q & A pod, select a question.
  2. Click Delete.

Clear all questions

To remove all content from the Presenter and Participant views, do the following:

  1. In the upper-right corner of the Q & A pod, click the menu icon .
  2. Select Clear All Questions.

Hide attendee names for questions

By default, attendee names appear next to submitted questions, but hosts and presenters can hide those names in Participant View.

  1. Choose Meeting > Preferences.
  2. In the list at left, select Q & A pod.
  3. Deselect Show Submitter Name or Show Presenter Name.

Export Q & A contents to a text file or e-mail

  1. In the upper-right corner of the Q & A pod, click the menu icon .
  2. Choose Export Q & A Logs, and then select either Save As RTF or E-mail Q & A.

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