Adobe Connect Telephony Adaptor Development API - 09/30/2010

Interface Summary
TelephonyAdaptor The TelephonyAdaptor interface defines methods that the adaptor implements in a Java module.
TelephonyCallback The TelephonyCallback interface provides the telephony adaptor with a set of method calls for sending responses to asynchronous calls or for sending other notifications to Connect Pro.

Class Summary
AdaptorField Data class containing schema information about an adaptor field needed for telephony profiles of provider represented by the adaptor.
ConferenceInfo Data class containing value of different options for an audio conference.
ConferenceNumber Data class holding a single conference number for a Provider or for a single user profile of a provider.
DialInStep Data class holding a single step of dialing sequence for an Adaptor.
TelephonyUserInfo Data class containing values of different options for a phone user within a conference.

Enum Summary
AdaptorField.InMeetingDisplayLevel Level of restriction that determines which meeting participants can view the field.
AdaptorField.UIType UI Type of the field used when getting user input or label type to use when displaying the field in the meeting..
AnnouncementOption Conference announcement options
ConferenceOption Conference basic options
DialInStep.StepType Step type for Universal Voice dialing steps
FailureCode Failure codes used by adaptor to indicate the cause of failure in failure callbacks
TelephonyAdaptor.StopRecordingCause Possible reasons for which Connect Pro would invoke the stopRecording call.
TelephonyUserInfo.UserType Type of phone user, determined by the way in which the user joins the conference
UserOption Phone user options.

Exception Summary
AdaptorException Exception thrown when the adaptor fails to serve a Connect Pro command.
SynchronousException Exception thrown by Connect Pro when an adaptor tries to execute an adaptor callback method from inside the call that Connect Pro made to the adaptor.
ValidateException Exception thrown when the adaptor fails to validate the telephony profile information


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