Install the application on the iPhone

To install the iPhone application for testing on an iPhone:

  1. Open the iTunes application.

  2. If you have not already done so, add the provisioning profile for this application to iTunes. In iTunes, select File > Add File To Library. The select the provisioning profile file (which has mobileprovision as the file type).

    For now, to test the application on your developer iPhone, use the development provisioning profile.

    Later, when distributing an application to the iTunes Store, use the distribution profile. To distribute the application ad-hoc (to multiple devices without going through the iTunes Store), use the ad-hoc provisioning profile.

    For more information on provisioning profiles, see Obtaining developer files from Apple .

  3. Some versions of iTunes do not replace the application if the same version of the application is already installed. In this case, delete the application from your device and from the list of applications in iTunes.

  4. Double-click the IPA file for your application. It should appear in the list of applications.

  5. Connect your iPhone to the USB port on your computer.

  6. In iTunes, check the Application tab for the device, and ensure that the application is selected in the list of applications to be installed.

  7. Select the device in the left-hand list of the iTunes application. Then click the Sync button. When the sync completes, the Hello World application appears on your iPhone.

If the new version is not installed, delete it from your iPhone and from the list of applications in iTunes, and then redo this procedure. This may be the case if the currently installed version uses the same application ID and version.

If iTunes displays an error when you try to install your application, see “Troubleshooting application installation problems” in Installing an iPhone application .

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