Managing certificates, device IDs, application IDs, and provisioning profiles

You can manage certificates, device IDs, app IDs, and provisioning profiles at the Apple iPhone Dev Center site ( ). Go to the iPhone Developer Program Portal section of the site.

  • Click the Certificates link to manage your development certificates. You can create a certificate, download a certificate, or revoke a certificate. To create a certificate, you must first create a certificate signing request. See Generating a certificate signing request .

  • Click the Devices link to manage the list of devices your development application can be installed on.

  • Click the App IDs link to manage your app IDs. When you create a provisioning profile, it is bound to an app ID.

  • Click the Provisioning link to manage your provisioning profiles. You can also use the Development Provisioning Assistant to create development provisioning profiles.

  • Click the Distribution link when you want to submit your application to the App Store or create an Ad Hoc version of your application. This section has a link to the iTunes Connect site, which you use to submit an application to the App Store.

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