Creating MovieClip objects with ActionScript

Flash Player 9 and later, Adobe AIR 1.0 and later

One way of adding content to the screen in Flash is by dragging assets from the library onto the Stage, but that is not the only workflow. For complex projects, experienced developers commonly prefer to create movie clips programatically. This approach brings several advantages: easier re-use of code, faster compile-time speed, and more sophisticated modifications that are available only to ActionScript.

The display list API of ActionScript 3.0 streamlines the process of dynamically creating MovieClip objects. The ability to instantiate a MovieClip instance directly, separate from the process of adding it to the display list, provides flexibility and simplicity without sacrificing control.

In ActionScript 3.0, when you create a movie clip (or any other display object) instance programatically, it is not visible on the screen until it is added to the display list by calling the addChild() or the addChildAt() method on a display object container. This allows you to create a movie clip, set its properties, and even call methods before it is rendered to the screen. For more information on working with the display list, see Working with display object containers .

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