Converting strings between uppercase and lowercase

Flash Player 9 and later, Adobe AIR 1.0 and later

As the following example shows, the toLowerCase() method and the toUpperCase() method convert alphabetical characters in the string to lowercase and uppercase, respectively:

var str:String = "Dr. Bob Roberts, #9." 
trace(str.toLowerCase()); // dr. bob roberts, #9. 
trace(str.toUpperCase()); // DR. BOB ROBERTS, #9.

After these methods are executed, the source string remains unchanged. To transform the source string, use the following code:

str = str.toUpperCase();

These methods work with extended characters, not simply a–z and A–Z:

var str:String = "José Barça"; 
trace(str.toUpperCase(), str.toLowerCase()); // JOSÉ BARÇA josé barça

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