Getting file system information

Adobe AIR 1.0 and later

The File class includes the following static properties that provide some useful information about the file system:




The line-ending character sequence used by the host operating system. On Mac OS and Linux, this is the line-feed character. On Windows, this is the carriage return character followed by the line-feed character.


The host operating system's path component separator character. On Mac OS and Linux, this is the forward slash (/) character. On Windows, it is the backslash (\) character.


The default encoding used for files by the host operating system. This pertains to the character set used by the operating system, corresponding to its language.

The Capabilities class also includes useful system information that can be useful when working with files:




Specifies whether the player is running on a system that does ( true ) or does not ( false ) have an input method editor (IME) installed.


Specifies the language code of the system on which the player is running.


Specifies the current operating system.

Note: Be careful when using Capabilities.os to determine system characteristics. If a more specific property exists to determine a system characteristic, use it. Otherwise, you run the risk of writing code that does not work correctly on all platforms. For example, consider the following code:
var separator:String; 
if (Capablities.os.indexOf("Mac") > -1) 
    separator = "/"; 
    separator = "\\"; 

This code leads to problems on Linux. It is better to simply use the File.separator property.

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