Drag and drop in AIR

Adobe AIR 1.0 and later

Use the classes in the Adobe® AIR™ drag-and-drop API to support user-interface drag-and-drop gestures. A gesture in this sense is an action by the user, mediated by both the operating system and your application, expressing an intent to copy, move, or link information. A drag-out gesture occurs when the user drags an object out of a component or application. A drag-in gesture occurs when the user drags in an object from outside a component or application.

With the drag-and-drop API, you can allow a user to drag data between applications and between components within an application. Supported transfer formats include:

  • Bitmaps

  • Files

  • HTML-formatted text

  • Text

  • Rich Text Format data

  • URLs

  • File promises

  • Serialized objects

  • Object references (only valid within the originating application)

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