Packaging a native extension

To provide your native extension to application developers, package all the related files into an ANE file. An AIR application developer uses the ANE file by:

  • Including the ANE file in the application’s library path in the same way the developer includes a SWC file in the library path. This action allows the application to reference the extension’s ActionScript classes.

  • Packaging the ANE file with the AIR application.

For information on building and packaging an ANE file with an AIR application, see Using native extensions for Adobe AIR .

Creating a native extension package involves the following tasks:

  1. Build the extension’s ActionScript library into a SWC file.

  2. Build the extension’s native libraries -- one for each supported target platform.

  3. Create a signed certificate for your extension. Signing an extension is optional.

  4. Create an extension descriptor file.

  5. Use ADT to create the extension package.

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