Dispose of an ExtensionContext instance

The ActionScript extension class can dispose of the ExtensionContext instance by calling the ExtensionContext method dispose() . This method notifies the native implementation to clean up resources that the instance uses. For example, the TVChannelController class can add a method for cleaning up:

public function dispose     (): void { 
    // Clean up other resources that the TVChannelController instance uses. 

Your ActionScript extension class does not have to explicitly call the ExtensionContext instance’s dispose() method. In this case, the runtime calls it when the runtime garbage collector disposes of the ExtensionContext instance. A best practice, however, is to explicitly call dispose() . An explicit call to dispose() typically cleans up resources much sooner than waiting for the garbage collector.

Whether called explicitly or by the garbage collector, the ExtensionContext dispose() method results in a call to the native implementation’s context finalizer. For more information, see Extension context finalization .

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